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Discover Alt Pop Scots WUKASA and their new EP 'You & Me'!

Vibrant Alt Pop newcomers WUKASA create a sound that is super slick, combining smooth Pop vocal melodies with dreamy Indie textures and late night, synth sounds. Their three singles from 2023 were met with widespread acclaim. Now, these releases have culminated in their sophomore EP 'You & Me'.

Opening track 'California' really encapsulates the sound of the EP and, as the name suggests, offers a vibe more akin to the sunny setting of America's west coast rather than their Scottish home. The smooth, rising electro hums have a gently uplifting feel and the chorus melodies are supremely clean and catchy. Its the perfect summer, poolside chillout track that will warm you up in these colder months.

While 'California' focuses in on the vocals, 'Party People' grabs your attention with the slick Bedroom Pop beat. The percussion is vibrant and crisp, instilling a groove that is perfect for the late night summer party dancefloor. The vocals are as slick and shimmering as ever yet it is really the fun of the rhythm that drives the track.

Title track 'You & Me' is a slower, more poignant song. The velvety romance that is wrapped up in this sound is beautifully cinematic and emotive. The vocal blend creates love-infused harmonies and is perfect for a late Valentine's listen.

The acoustic version of this track really highlights the song's poignant beauty and showcases a whole new side to them, showcasing that, underneath the synth textures and American pop production, there is really depth to their songwriting.


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