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Dillon Squire injects vibrancy into hazy Brit-Pop on new single ‘The Stars Don’t Always Align’!

Being the son of legendary Stone Roses guitarist John Squire does bring certain assumptions and expectations which must have made life as an upcoming artist difficult for Dillon Squire. However, with his distinctive visuals aesthetic and genre blend he is carving out a style all of his own.

His latest track ‘The Stars Don’t Always Align’ does show some hints of the Stone Roses with a hazy, stoner vibe with spaced out electronic tones and a warming vocal hum which has an infectiously laid back vibe. However, this lucid atmosphere is quickly replaced by a much more vibrant and expressive Indie Rock.

Dillon’s vocals take on a powerful delivery, offering emotion and flair while the thrashing instrumentals create an anthemic cacophony comparable to acts like King Nun.  

This feels like a song built for summer festivals, with vocal melodies that beg to be chanted back and a huge Rock energy that will get you moving. 


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