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Deva St. John - Reckless

Born in London to American parents, punchy indie-songwriter certainly manages to connect the sounds from her birthplace to those from across the pond. The result of this is a devilishly intriguing concoction that pricked our ears the moment her forceful vocals hit our ears.

She had success earlier in 2020 collaborating with Split The Dealer on the Lo-fi beachside single 'XV' however this track may be misleading as an introduction to Deva St. John. Although it showcases her ability to create a heartwarming and captivating vocal display, her latest release 'Reckless' does better to show what she is all about.

'Reckless' is bold, unforgivably brash and appropriately forceful. The verse acts as a vessel to display the stunning range that Deva possesses. Yet it is the explosive chorus grabbed our attention. Soaring vocals lie on top of the instrumental roar creating a chorus reminiscent of Pale Waves - one that you can't help want to sing over, if only you had the ability to do so! It lulls you in with her initial softer tones before smacking you around the face with constantly increasing power. 'Reckless' then ends with a tension building riff almost teasing you for her next release.

Check out Reckless among all our favourite new tracks on our playlist


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