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Danny Mellin gives a taste of summer festivals & youthful romance on new single ‘Give You My Time’!

Fast rising indie songwriter Danny Mellin is sharp, snappy and filled with a tangible youthful energy on his new single ‘Give You My Time’.

There’s an air of early Courteeners as well as other bright newcomers such as The Royston Club and The K’s, blending fast-paced, down to earth lyrical sentiments with slick indie beats. Opening with big drum stabs and guitar chords, the track’s energy hits you around the face straight away for jumpin into a bouncy rhythm filled with joyous festival vibes.

The lyrics are filled with romantic lament yet the sound is fun and uplifting as if Danny is dancing in the face of youthful love-led mishaps in the same way that The Pigeon Detectives did.

It may be the start of winter but this track will transport you into a muddy feel on a warm summers day singing indie anthems with your mates. 


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