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Danish outfit Farveblind team up with Lucy Love on Dance-infused angsty Rock anthem 'Rock 'N Rolla'

Spitting at the mic with a growling, angst-ridden delivery, Danish trio Farveblind's new single is not one for the faint hearted. Featuring guest Lucy Love on vocals, the band manage to concoct a fearsome Electro Rock blend that fans of SNAYX, Kid Kapichi or YONAKA will love! Usually, their sound is full of dense electronic beats that are abrassive and filled with a certain dirty, underground flavour while the vocals verge on the edge of rap, being delivered with a punchy arrogance.

This Lucy Love feature maintains this style but perhaps allows the band to focus their full attention on the gritty Rock rumble that sustain an infectious energy throughout the verses as well as the bouncing Dance beats that lift off the chorus. The unapologetic aggression within the lyrics is empowering and when placed on top of the tension packed, danceworthy soundtrack, is perfectly built for a sweaty Electro Rock rave. This is Rock at its most club ready and Dance at its most rebellious.


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