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Danish Indie Pop stars Brimheim and eee gee team up on new single 'Brand New Woman'!

Brimheim and eee gee are two of Denmark's most exciting Indie Pop stars so fans of the Scandi scene will have had their ears pricked when they found out that the pair would be teaming up for a brand new empowering anthem this year! The single 'Brand New Woman' is all about hitting heights, whether its vocally or in the dense instrumental layers, every element soars and shines in the track's biggest moments, filling you with a newfound energy.

In trademark style Brimheim digs deep into her psyche on the lyrical front, exploring the inner-critique, self-deprecation and worthlessness that many can relate to. The entire sentiment is summed up in the words "Turns out that it's just very hard to truly love yourself". Yet, the most impressive and striking lyrics come in the form of more poetic and visceral lines such as "There's always been a feral dog clawing its way out of me. If I ever let her see the light of day then maybe I could be a wild woman".

There's a constant rolling Indie rhythm that gives the song a wonderful perpetual energy and dancy swing while subtle guitar lines tangle in the verses offering a Wet Leg esc sound. The chorus's then inject synths and layered, soaring vocal calls that create an anthemic sound more akin to Florence and The Machine.

The vocal styles of the two artists wonderfully compliment each other, balancing warm deeper tones and piercing high tones. Meanwhile, moments of vibrant piano or grittier Rock guitars add the occasional extra flavour into the mix and really round off a fantastically impactful Indie Pop anthem that will lift your spirits throughout.


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