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Dancing shoes are a must for Brisbane's Brixton Alley and their new single 'Are You Sure?'

After being stranded in Australia just before the pandemic and adapting their lives and sound, Brixton Alley’s new single ‘Are you sure?’ is a raw, Indie Punk piece that injects a sense of nostalgia into the underground Indie scene. The 3-man band consisting of Jonny Margo (guitar/vocals), Ben Wells (bass/vocals) and Alex Wells (drums) are not mucking around as they frontload the tune with a catchy chorus.

Dancing shoes are a must, as it gives you no time to warm up and will have you moving along with the heavy guitar from start to finish. The bridge slows the atmosphere down slightly, with the Jonny's vocals shining through before you’re hooked straight back into the melody that is sure to be stuck in your head – this is bound to be a rock favourite for sure. If you enjoy the sound of Jamie T, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes or a rougher version of Pulp – the Indie Punk blend of Brixton Alley are your guys.


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