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Cult Indie hit-makers The Pigeon Detectives return with 'Summer Girl' ahead of new album!

As we hit the peak of summer, the cult Indie hit-makers The Pigeon Detectives have returned with their aptly named new single 'Summer Girl'. Best known for their double-barrel of 00s albums 'Wait For Me' and 'Emergency' which depicted the messy dilemmas of the transition from teenage to adult life and epitomised The Inbetweeners soundtrack, The Pigeon Detectives continued to make Indie bangers well into the 2010s with tracks like 2013's 'Animal' living up to the undeniably infectious singalongs and dance-worthy Indie beats of their early records. However, they haven't released a new album since 2016...until now.

Their new single marks the bands third of 2023 as they gear up for their new album 'TV Show', set for release this July! Based off this new single, the album will capture all the free-spirted energy and romantic angst that has become their trademark while offering a little more poignancy and drama to reflect their more mature style of songwriting. The track starts in a style comparable to Spector, with a deep electronic pulse before the sentimental lyrics come in. Early on you are given clues as to what will become the inevitable chant when the track is performed live - "Blowing out the wind, blowing out the wind, blowing out the, blowing out the window" just begs to be sang bag.

Yet this is merely the pre-chorus. The chorus is filled with a grittier guitar riff that packs a punch behind a delightfully melodic vocal line that brings back memories of peak era The Pigeon Detectives. The chorus becomes more and more passionate with each run and the vocal intensity of the finale, combined with layers upon layers of melding instrumentals makes for a euphoric ending. A fantastic final single which will ignite their fans with excitement ahead of the album release.


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