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Creature Comfort - Arcade Fire

Every once in a while a track comes along that just resonates with you from the very first seconds. ‘Arcade Fire’, the new single from Creature Comfort did just that. The track hits you instantly with a euphoric, dance-worthy riff backed by an expansive instrumental backing, laying way for a great song ahead.

Even though the track then drops down into a verse, it retains its energy. The drums and vocals high in the mix making for a driving rhythm that is just waiting for that chorus to hit. The chorus is actually more relaxed than the beginning of the song, delving into a sonic space filled with psychedelic vocals and whirring guitars. It acts as a head-spinning rest bite before you are met with the piercing guitar and launched right back into the madness once again.

You may be confused by the track’s title? And yes it is ‘Arcade Fire’ by Creature Comfort NOT visa versa. When the popular Canadian rock outfit Arcade Fire released a song with their band name as the title, Creature Comfort couldn’t help but respond in the same way!

This new track, along with another new single ‘Black Cat’ that is reminiscent of long drives on the west-coast, is promising for the band. They are growing in maturity and are honing their craft. Definitely keep an eye out for them in the next 12 months.



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