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EP REVIEW: Cosmorat - Evil Adjacent

Meeting in college, Taylor Pollock and Olly Liu decided to combine their shared love for the soul of retro, Blues sounds and lyric nature of modern electronic production and create their own project, Cosmorat, adding Lorenzo Burgio and Chloe Mercadal-Gray into the line up for good measure. Their debut EP is a vibrant one, blending such a wide range of genres, emotions and textures that you can't help but be enthralled.

‘Backseat Baby’ instantly demonstrates their love for melding genres and using a range of twisted samples and beats to create a vibrant Indie-Pop gem. Opening with a sample that rings of the one in Gorillaz’ ‘Clint Eastwood’ the track then abruptly jumps into a series of angsty instrumental stabs and a screeching vocal line that makes you think that a blistering punk track is about to ensue.

However, the song then slips into a super slick, funky rhythm with a gentle yet swagger-filled vocal flow that has hip-hop and Pop influences to it. These angsty stabs become a repeated occurrence, often snapping you out of your lucid groove state into a rude awakening that reminds you that these guys can bite!

'S.A.D L.U.V' has an equally mixed range of sounds, beginning with children singing, it then enters a slick acoustic groove. The constant back and forth between the lead vocals, which are rich and full of swagger, and the backing vocal lines which have an angelic quality, leaves you constantly conflicted in terms of reaction. It is a playful track that uses their skills for eclectic arrangement to make music that never sits still and never stagnates.

'something in the rain' then showcases yet another side to their sound. The loose electric guitar strums and haunting vocal lines have a swooping flow that is hypnotic. This more stripped back vibe is reminiscent of Do Nothing or the more intimate Blondshell tracks such as 'Sober Together', especially given this tracks lyrics on sobriety too. Meanwhile, tumbling electronic tones cascade down with a dreamy tranquility and lucid nature. Yet, this dreamscape then erupts into a harsh Grunge atmosphere filled with a fuzzy distortion and pounding drum tone, offering such contrasting soundscapes within seconds,

The EP is so rich in vocal layering, instrumental variation and lyrical depth that it is a must listen! With these 6 tracks, Cosmorat have announced themselves as one of the UKs most exciting new acts.


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