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Comfort Club blend soothing nostalgia with heartbreaking lyricism on latest Indie Pop single!

Given his artist name, Comfort Club, it may come as no surprise that his latest single 'Two Kids In A Trenchcoat', has a supremely soothing aura, as if you've just slipped on your favourite fuzzy jumper.

The LA-based songwriter had been gracing us with a string of heartfelt Indie Pop singles before taking a break in 2023. Now, he is back once again with what is perhaps is most poignant and wholesome song to date.

This new track opens with a sunny acoustic rhythm that has a relatively understated lo-fi tone but is filled with a really uplifting spirit. The vocals are wonderfully smooth and add a glossy melodic texture to the track.

As the title suggests, the overarching atmosphere is a nostalgic one, looking back on childhood naivety and reflecting on how many of us are still struggling to cope with the realness of adult life. Although the jangly, earthy sounds of the track are certainly joyful and comforting, the lyrical content actually points at much more melancholic themes by first setting up a romantic image before ripping it apart and claiming that they're just kids that are too afraid to be lonely.

This contrast between uplifting melodies and heartbreaking lyrical sentiments is one of Comfort Club's best skills and showcases his songwriting abilities fantastically. So whether you want to listen to a soothing Sunday single or you want to dig a little deeper and absorb the clever poetic conceits, there's something for everyone to enjoy here.


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