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Club Solitaire releases debut singles on new EP 'Silent Exit'

New Jersey-based Zachary Kowalski is the singer, songwriter, and producer behind Club Solitaire. He has recently released his new EP 'Silent Exit' which features his two debut singles which showcase what his new musical project is all about.

The first thing that strikes you when listening is the layers of lo-fi electronic production on the two tracks. It immediately makes you think of Zachary carefully crafting his electronic concoctions late at night in his bedroom, meddling with synth tones and drum patterns while he transcribes his introspective midnight thoughts to provide his lyrical content.

The first track 'Fine Dining' has a cinematic opening, as a swirling electronic soundscape then makes way for a catchy keyboard hook. Zachary's vocals are delivered with an intentionally understated, hypnotically mellow tone that blends seamlessly with the warm synth chords. As the song progresses more and more lo-fi instrumentals join the melody and allow the melodic impact to grow time upon time.

'Mental Pictures' then flows on with a similar rhythm and texture, making the EP feel like a very cohesive first dive into his sonic style. However, elements such as the rich acoustics give this second track a little more of a fuller sound. The vocals dance between tranquility and melancholia, often it is hard to detect which side of the line you find yourself falling. Yet, on the whole, it becomes quite an uplifting experience, whether that is in a joyful or therapeutic way.

Zachary has said himself that: "I have hidden my love of making music from family and friends for almost three years, because in New Jersey: the home of doctors, lawyers, and businessmen, I was afraid music making would be looked down upon".

Well now it seems as though he is slowly beginning to open up his musical playbook and expressive his creativity. We hope to hear more from him in the rest of 2023.


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