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Cassia team up with KAWALA on sunny poolside single 'Circular Motion'!

If you like tropical, sunshine Indie that will melt away the winter cold and transport you into a sunny poolside soundscape then the new collaboration between Indie giants Cassia and KAWALA is for you! The new single ‘Circular Motion’ is instantly flavoursome as a range of intricate beats and tangled guitar lines dance together with a slick coolness. Similarly, the vocals are instantly smooth and silky, setting the warm and vibey tone for the track.

The beat is relatively understated and never becomes too intense yet it still creates a wonderfully dance inducing groove that has a Latin swing.

The vocal blends work beautifully, created very rich and smooth melodies that contrast well with the brighter guitar lines. Tropical beach holidays and poolside cocktails come to mind yet there is also a more poignant tone to some of the vocals lines that adds a layer of contemplative depth.

It’s hard not to be instantly swept away by the chilled out indie pop atmosphere of this track and showcases the best elements of the two artists.


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