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Canadian Pop Rock newcomer Jules releases infectious anthem 'Judy'!

Jules is a singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. The artist’s first breakout release came in 2018 when her single ‘Before You Picked Her’ became a Top 40 hit. However, it is her latest single, ‘Judy’, that might be her most personal and powerful song to date. 

‘Judy’ is a Pop-Rock song that opens with a distinct bassline, setting the ground for the singer’s smoky vocals. Produced by Sam Arion, the track follows the titular Judy’s struggles: being an independent musician and dealing with judgement for this career, that too in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, with all its crippling self-doubt.

“Sit in the backseat, you talk about money. Stare in my direction, but you’re looking through me”, Jules croons indignantly. As the track progresses, she gets increasingly passionate. The explosive chorus sees the artist sarcastically repeat the observations made about her by people who don't understand her.

For the singer, the track was a “reflection of real experiences”. “It's about the weight of judgment”, she explained. “Those moments at family gatherings where people don't quite get the musician's journey...”

The artist previously explored this topic in her single, ‘Music Man’, which dropped in August. 

Jules has worked with veteran producers including Brian Moncarz, Dunkin Coutts and Jason Pierce of Our Lady Peace. A dedicated musician, Jules won a scholarship to the Berklee School of Music summer program, which intensified her desire for a musical career. With each release her acclaim continues to grow and we can't wait to hear what is to come next!


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