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Canadian Indie Pop duo Wotts release glimmering new single 'ALLO!'

Canadian Indie Pop duo Wotts produce music that has a slick, serene shimmer to it, often laced in bright synth melodies and radiating comforting, bittersweet tones perfect for lazy Sundays or laid back summer days. Their new single 'ALLO!' is one of their more upbeat and energetic numbers, built of a vibrant, popping beat that instantly creates a fun, playful atmosphere.

The synths and electronic textures are even more present the usual as they dance and glimmer throughout the song, adding a sparkling quality to the track that is wonderfully flavoursome. Other instrumental elements, such as the guitar solo at the track's midpoint, add a soulful, sightlier moodier edge into the song, providing dense layers of melodic interest to enjoy!

However, it is the vocal melodies that really stick in your mind. They are quite understated and rarely showcase too much passion, rather they loop around in a hypnotic rhythm that becomes increasingly catchy with every listen. Their melody matches up nicely with that of the synths which results in every note being elevated and given a bigger impact while subtle backing harmonies provide an angelic brightness in the backdrop.

This is the third of three singles from Wotts this year, so go and check out their other recent releases to hear more!


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