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Canadian Indie outfit Hillsburn are candid and unabashedly bold in their single Truths You Outrun

Canadian Indie-Pop outfit Hillsburn are back with a new single 'Truths You Outrun', which is gorgeous and sprawling.

Their current line-up consists of brother/sister duo Rosanna Burrill and Clayton Burrill, Jackson Fairfax-Perry and Clare Macdonald. Their debut album 'In The Battle Years' was released in 2016 and earned the band several awards, including the Canadian Folk Music Award for New Artist of the Year.

They have since released two more records; 2018’s 'The Wilder Beyond' and 2021’s 'Slipping Away'. 'Truths You Outrun' is the second single from the band’s EP 'Stories'.

“Spent a winter there/Trying to mute my fear” are the opening lyrics, getting straight to the point. Heavy synths and spacious drums make the song sound layered and large. A plucky, light guitar line runs throughout the song, giving it a slightly sparkly feel that matches the tone perfectly.

The track is about not being able to run away from things, how they will stay with you no matter where you are, and leaning into that, and accepting it. “No conversation about time and getting old/Just the truths you outrun” Burrill sings in her smooth, powerful voice.

When we reach the outro, the song peaks, seeing Burrill belt out her lines in a style that sounds cathartic. “I can’t break the ties that bind me/You should have left me to my dread” she sings daringly.

'Truths You Outrun' further proves that Hillsburn are going from strength to strength as a band.


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