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By The Waves releases uplifting Dream-Pop single 'Looking Up'!

If you need a sharp slice of summery Indie Pop to drag your mind out of the February winter lulls then look no further than 'Looking Up', the new single from By The Waves.

As their name suggests, their music is full of an uplifting coastal energy, perfect for sunny days forgetting your troubles and this new track is no different. The crisp guitar riff that opens proceedings has a funky flow and a slick tone that gives the early stages a confident swagger.

The vocals have a smooth finesses to them that convey this easy-going atmosphere, yet they really come alive in the chorus. The lyrics "beautiful life" are sung with a floating style so that the melody lingers and echoes across the song leaving a last impression.

At times some of the vocal twangs lean into a dreamy reggae tone and at others they are more direct, giving that fun Indie punch.

Purely good vibes from this track!


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