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  • Drew Sitton

Busted: Live @ PRYZM Kingston, London

Busted celebrated their recent number one album with an intimate show for their most dedicated fans. Fresh off their successful arena tour across the UK to celebrate their recent 'Greatest Hits' album, Busted took to Kingstons’ Pryzm to close this latest chapter.

The venue was packed with fans both old and new with no discernible age range. There was a strong sense of community in the crowd and the air was thick with nostalgia.

It would be fair to assume that they would be beginning to grow tired of performing the same hits that they have for twenty years but if that is the case, they did not show it. Their energy may not quite reach the same heights that it once did but they made up for it with the incredible engagement with the crowd. Matt Willis and James Bourne both kept going to the very front of the stage where fans scrambled to get a touch of their hands and the band embraced the affection with open arms.

Some fans were hoping to hear more of the niche fan favourites at this more intimate show but no one seemed overly disappointed when the setlist remained mostly the same as they have been performing at their recent arena shows.

The crowd chanted and screamed for more as the band left the stage and James stayed behind to sing an a capella version of 'Dawsons Geek' with his adoring crowd.

Busted put on phenomenal shows in sold out arenas that anyone who has ever enjoyed the band should experience, but getting to see them up close and personal with an audience of people who have stuck by them for years and helped them achieve their first #1 album is unmatched.

Words and images by Drew Sitton


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