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Brummy Indie Punks Baccuda release new track 'Stepping Stone'!

Last week saw the latest release from Birmingham Indie Punk outfit Baccuda. originally as a solo act but now with a recently acquired live band, these rising stars on both the Birmingham and national scene have been making a name for themselves since 2021.

This latest track joins an impressive roster of songs released in recent years, which regularly attract spins on BBC Introducing. They have also taken on some exciting collaborations of late, including a single release with fellow Brummy Katie Canning in early 2023.

And they’re starting 2024 off strong with their new track ‘Stepping Stone’. The perfect addition to any new year’s playlists, it’s bouncy, bright and unapologetic. With a vocal style reminiscent in some parts of the chirpiest Indie (we’re thinking Sunset Sons and Viola Beach) and in other parts all the trademarks of modern Punk (especially those backing vocals!), it encapsulates all the staples of any respectable Indie banger, so we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!

The track is scattered with thrilling builds dictated by crashing rhythms and punctuated with punchy guitar riffs, whilst expert basslines thread their way through the track. The instrumentation holds together those strong vocals as they tell a tale of rebelliousness and dreams of taking on the world. Which is on any good artist’s agenda for the new year, right?


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