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Brass Phantoms - Hurricane

The opening 30 seconds of ‘Hurricane’, the latest single from Dublin’s Brass Phantoms, can tell you a lot about their style and overall character as a band. The big chords, powerful tom placements from the drums and layered synths create an expansive sound, really to carry you away in its forceful exuberance.

The Indie five-piece take inspiration from the artists you would imagine. Angsty tones of The Strokes and the classic melancholy conviction of Joy Division are all present yet there is one thing that is noticeably distinctive about Brass Phantoms, their wide, all encompassing arrangements. They don't do anything in halves, often building slow verses ready for all elements to come together for anthemic chorus.

This is exactly what you get from 'Hurricane' that comes from their forthcoming debut album ‘Holding Out For Horrors’, due for release on September 18th. The track’s rolling beat and sing-a-long backing melody is uplifting and urges you to press play the second the song is over. One of the best features of ‘Hurrricane’ is that the energy never stops, even in the quieter moments the energy is endlessly flowing, resulting in an infectious and irresistible sound that is the perfect teaser for the new album.

Check out 'Hurricane' amongst more of our favs on our Spotify Playlist


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