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BOOT WATCH GERMANY: Check out our favourite new German music!


Originating from the Western German city of Bochum are Indie Pop outfit WYME. Their vocal centric singles are packed full of bright guitar sounds and unapologetically catchy melodies making them the perfect fit for any of your Indie playlists. Their sound and vocal style doesn't brand them as distinctly German and after initial listening you would expect that they are a talented young band from the UK ready to break out onto the nationwide scene. The consequence of this is that they are perfect for a UK audience. They would slip in seamlessly to any live line-up across the country and hopefully we won't have to wait too long to see this happen as their latest singles have caused quite a stir.

Their debut EP released right at the start of the year featured a string of upbeat, dance-along singles including the fan favourite 'Yours' which sees a sharp guitar tone team up with the vocals to deliver the same punchy melody. We had to wait a while for new music since then but they have now returned with their next single 'Awake'. The track is instantly palatable with its high energy drum mix and really bright guitar hook. As it proceeds, the song produces quite a jangly Indie feel with deeply layered instrumentals. This, combined with smoothly toned vocal delivery is comparable to Scouse Bedroom Indie acts like Spinn, The Night Cafe & Paris Youth Foundation. As we enter the new year expect to hear a lot more from WYME!


Emma Elisabeth

Although born in Sweden, multi-instrumentalist Emma Elisabeth is now based in Berlin and has returned this year with three new singles which could be the first sign of a build up to her first album since 2019's 'Melancholic Milkshake'. Tracks like 'Pilot' off that record gained Emma attention for their lo-fi and, somewhat haunting, Rock feel. Now, she has returned with three brand new tracks that are audibly lush in comparison.

The first, 'Tray Full Of Ash' instantly pops out more than some of her previous work with the cutting rim shot sound. Her music normally carries a soft drifting atmosphere yet this track builds a direct energy in the later stages and begins to feel a bit like The Last Shadow Puppets's 'Aviation' with its slick rhythm and soft but purposeful repeated melody. The more recent releases 'Lovers' and 'Manic Pixie Dream Girl' take on a more subtle approach and focus heavily on Emma's smooth vocal tone that is so easy to let wash over you. The almost choir like backing vocals in 'Lovers' are bright and add a great depth to the vocal texture. Her melody is elevated by the higher pitched backing to create a full and fresh layer of vocals. 'Manic Pixie Dream Girl' is wrapped up in a deeper swing with the instrumentals being more key to creating the dreamy swaying atmosphere. The synths and rich guitar tone combine to form a smooth but characterful soundscape for her vocals to drift upon. These three tracks see the best sides of Emma's songwriting come together and hopefully they are a sign of a new album.


Ingo Stahl

I first came across Ingo when he was performing with Rock collective Mad Hatter's Daughter in Manchester and I was pleased to discover that he has his own solo project that focuses on his heartfelt writing. The Hamburg singer-songwriter is a songwriter in the truest sense. After growing up listening to vinyl of the likes of Bill Withers and Elton John he went on to study Jazz and then immerse himself in Copenhagen's thriving acoustic scene. This musical journey has given him a vast appreciation and understanding of the bare characteristics of good songwriting.

His new release 'Fire' his as rich and full of character as you can get from an acoustic performance. In a style reminiscent of the heartfelt power artists like Nick Mulvey and Ben Howard the song begins with quite an intimate atmosphere yet with a distinct and purposeful rhythm that instantly ignites something inside that gets your head slowly bobbing. The chorus arrives even warmer and more characterful as the with an electric hum forming a thicker sonic backdrop. As the song progresses it becomes fuller and more cinematic blending more punchy drums and warming background vocal harmonies that make it feel like the soundtrack to a scenic favourite adventure move like Walter Mitty or On The Road. Although Ingo is very early into his solo career he has already demonstrated his mature proficiency for songwriting and hopefully he can carry this forward into his debut EP which is de for release in early 2022.


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