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Blondshell announces herself as one of the most exciting new songwriters with her bombshell debut!

Sabrina Teitelbaum, aka Blondshell, has released her self-titled debut album and it is powerful, bold, and courageous. She worked under the name BAUM before debuting Blondshell with the single 'Olympus' in summer 2022. She has opened for Suki Waterhouse and Porridge Radio and this year performed on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Her debut album is a complete powerhouse of a record. It is so self-assured and carries none of the naivety that most debuts tend to.

Kicking off with 'Veronica Mars', an intro track that is big and brazen, it sets up the rest of the album perfectly. Then, we’re on to tracks 'Kiss City' and 'Olympus', both tongue-in-cheek and filled with epic production styles that always climax spectacularly. “I wanna save myself, you’re part of my addiction” Teitelbaum sings during 'Olympus', with her gorgeous, powerful vocals.

Next is 'Salad', arguably the most empowering and memorable song on the album. Opening with a xylophone, the track is anything but light-hearted. “Keep an eye out for his pickup/I know all about it/I would take a gun out/Put some poison in his salad” she sings, threateningly. It is an angry, electro-charged song that is full of an energy driven by raw emotion. The guitar work in the track is incredibly impressive too with a crunchy riff that runs throughout and chugging chords that build before the explosive bridge, “Gonna get big, gonna get big/I’m so scary, I can’t stop having visions of following him” she sings, before the dense production erupts over her vocals.

We move on to 'Sepsis', another track that breathes a euphoric yet angst-tinged energy. “I’m going back to him/I know my therapist’s pissed” Teitelbaum opens, singing of an ex who was apparently not good for her, which is what the track is about. It’s melodic with more wonderful, creative guitar lines and crystal clear, vocals that are smooth yet immensely powerful. Another highlight is 'Tarmac', which opens with a slow, steady riff. “I can’t stay away from my new friends/I think that I’m losing myself/I’m in love with a feeling/Not with anyone or any real thing” she sings, with a hint of exasperation.

The album closer is ;Dangerous', a melancholic song that is the deepest cut on the record. A hooky, slow riff sits behind her vocals with a reverb on it that makes it sound lonely and isolated. “And it’s so dangerous/Forming an attachment to something/Know that every time I love it might pull the rug out” she sings, as if she has resigned herself to her fate. It is a wonderful exploration of the more introspective side of her songwriting.

'Blondshell' is a debut record that is full of emotion, passion, and talent. She should be on everyone’s ‘ones to watch’ lists for the near future as this record is breath-taking announcement to the world.


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