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Bedroom Pop newcomer Kai Bosch delivers another hit with latest single 'Tulips'!

The soothing keyboard chords that gently open ‘Tulips’, the new single from Kai Bosch, create a smooth, sultry tone and lull you into a dreamy soundscape. The vocals that arrive are warm too, with a caramel finesse to them. However, the underlying warped synth sound indicates that this tranquil atmosphere won’t last forever! 

The track slowly builds, gathering a slick bedroom pop beat and thicker electro textures that offer a bustling tension before diving into the chorus. This chorus is supremely crisp and catchy, still containing some of those early dreamy atmospheres yet with a vibrant and funky rhythm that makes it a much more dance worthy sound that feels like somewhere between The Jungle Giants and Alt J.

Vocally the melodies are clean and uplifting yet the lyrics shed a much darker light. Lines such as “I want you to punch me in the guy because then I’d have a reason to hate you” are visceral and packed with frustration.

Clever instrumental subtleties such as the stuttered electro effect on the vocals in places add to this hint of darker themes and let you know that, although the melodies may put a smile on your face, everything isn’t as rosy as it seems! 

This is another hit in a long line of bangers from Kai Bosch that demonstrates his vocal prowess, songwriting depth and knack for clever production arrangements.


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