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Austrian Alt Pop songwriter James Hersey releases infectiously catchy new single 'Can't Say No'!

James Hersey started releasing DIY bedroom pop in his late teens, quickly establishing a name in Vienna’s Indie scene. In 2015 a rooftop performance of his song 'Coming Over' became a viral hit, remixed by EDM heavyweights filous, Kygo, and Dillon Francis. Now, he has released yet another banger, his new single 'Can't Say No' taken from his new album 'Let It Shine' which is due out September 15th.

A lot of his tracks provide slick, funky atmospheres and smooth melodies that are fitting for a poolside party and thus, makes them perfect remix material for the aforementioned names. His last release 'Ghost Me', is a little brighter and filled with an uplifting Indie melody fit for Summer parties. However, 'Can't Say No' is a much more direct track that is infectiously catchy from the very first seconds. The tight guitar roll is an instant earworm and James' vocal melody in the chorus, which also opens the song, strikes you straight away and makes you crave another dose.

This chorus becomes more built up later in the song with a fuzzy synth undertone and a punchy, funky drum groove that adds power and purpose. One final big build up at the end of the track that teases the drop with a stripped back chorus opening then delivers a lasting burst of sing along energy that promises great things from the new album.


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