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Australian Indie songwriter Lotte Gallagher releases debut single 'Adam'!

“I am still writing about things that hurt”; a befitting line from Lotte Gallagher in reference to the type of music she makes. The Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist released her new single 'Adam' this June and it has got us completely obsessed.

The song talks about moving on from a toxic relationship with clever songwriting and a catchy hook to match. Lotte talks about writing songs since she was fourteen and 'Adam' does a wonderful job of displaying how her skills have developed since that early age. With lyrics like “You're a broken house and I need to move Do you need a hint? Can you get a clue?” Lotte’s clever writing allows her to articulate her feelings loud and clear; and as she says in the chorus, she is "better without".

The Indie song has Pop Rock elements, with backing guitar strums and percussions that remind you of the early 2000’s Teen Pop Punk sound. Her vocals are beautiful and haunting and her lyrics bare and punchy, filled with both heartbreak and melodrama. We’re seeing the resurgence of the Pop-Punk ballad and we're very excited to see what Lotte does next.


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