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Australian Indie Pop songwriter RHY releases infectious sunshine love song 'Thai Milk Tea'!

Perhaps the most vibrant and funky love song you will hear this year has arrived courtesy of Perth/Boorloo-based Indie Pop songwriter RHY. If you remember that Australia are deep into their Summer right now then the sound of this track begins to make a lot more sense as it radiates a soothing sunny energy that will warm you from the inside and transport you away from our cold winters nights and into a tropical summer paradise without a care in the world.

The track is relevantly steady throughout and stays in one groove, yet this groove is so infectious and serene that it becomes hypnotic. Bright Indie guitar chords provide the majority of the melody throughout, creating an earworming sound with such a simple performance, allowing their empty spaces in the riff to really emphasise the impact of the minimal playing. However, the background is much more intricate as jangly percussive rhythms bustle along with a synth line that joins at certain moments to take the energy of the song higher.

This song really has a tropical feel, reminiscent of carefree holidays with your loved one. This romance and serenity is felt even more strongly in the lyrics as the idea of "Thai Milk Tea" is used to convey the feelings he has towards his wife, using the famed sweetness of the drink as an anchor for the metaphor.

Beautiful both in sound and deeper meaning, this is the perfect track to drag you out of the winter doldrums.


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