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Australian Indie outfit Jet City Sports Club release dreamy new single 'Drug Store (Waste My Time)'!

From the very first moments of the new single 'Drug Store (Waste My Time)' from Jet City Sports Club you are captivated by the beautifully delicate vocal tones. The instrumentation begins stripped back with just a simple bass line allowing the vocals to shine, and shine they do! They are gentle and intimate while also offering a fantastic catchy melody and after hearing the first few lines you are well and truly hooked!

Energy is then injected into the track in the form of a deep rolling percussive rhythm and here, the vocals beautifully adapt their tone to a slightly deeper and more melancholic melodic pattern, matching the feel of the instrumentals to build tension for what is a truly dreamy chorus.

A dense backdrop of a gritty Rock riff and punchy drum sound give the chorus a power that makes you stand up and listen, but yet again it is the vocals that really capture your attention. They have that wonderful blend of being soft and angelic while also being really impactful. The bright vocal melody is undeniably catchy and it is elevated by the leading guitar hook that adds a little more edge and passion into the mix.

The instrumental break later in the track does this to an even more impressive degree as all instrumentals ramp up their force for a fantastic guitar solo that doesn't try too hard, but rather wraps you up in a hypnotic hook filled with electrifying tones.

Ethereal aesthetics and angsty power combine in perfect balance on this track, definitely a band to discover!

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