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Aussie songwriter Holly Wild releases new Pop banger 'Hard To Love'!

Acclaimed Aussie Pop songwriter Holly Wild makes music flooding with a carefree, joyous energy reflective of the beautiful coastlines on which she writes. Past hits such as 'Messy' and 'Inside My Head' dance between funky, free-spirited Pop hooks and angsty, sentimental musings while radiating a distinctly 90s tone that will make you want to dance around your bedroom belting out the words into the nearest hairbrush. Her new single 'Hard To Love' lies on the more sentimental side as the name suggests, yet the melodies that flow throughout it are truly uplifting as they combat inner hurt with sonic joy.

Produced by world renowned David Arkwright (Bella Porch, Nick Jonas), the track has a refined Pop sound that is radio-ready. The chorus is an earworming, anthemic barrel of lyrical questioning delivered with beautiful melody that will stick with you and make you want to hit that replay button again and again! The early moments are stripped back, focusing attention Holly's powerful, heartfelt and beautifully rich vocal tones. Dreamy guitars duck and weave around her voice before the punchy Pop rhythm kicks in. Slick synths create a sunny background texture and, when the chorus kicks in, a danceworthy rolling drum beat injects a fantastic energy to make the melodies hit even harder.

Holly Says about the origins of 'Hard to Love', "I know it sounds like I'm singing about my partner, but I actually wrote this song about my child. I don't think there is a parent alive that has not felt a pang of unappreciacion at some stage. At the heart of it, thats what this song is about... Feeling overlooked by the one you love the most".


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