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Aussie Rockers The Terrys return with high-octane new single 'Silent Disco'!

Formed in the midst of lockdown in an Aussie trailer house, The Terrys make just the type of music you would expect to come out of that environment. It is frantic, agitated and full of scrappy energy. Yet, they are not a band that sacrifice melody for energy, there songs are full of big riffs and catchy vocal lines that are oftentimes poignant and radiating with coming-of-age, bittersweet tones. Their latest single ‘Silent Disco’ is the perfect example of this, combining a Punk intensity with Indie Rock melodies to produce an infectious concoction.

They waste no time and dive straight into a gritty explosion of Rock instrumentals in the first few seconds of the song. The verses then lean into a wonderfully tight, high-energy, surf-tinged rhythm that you would associate with fellow Aussie acts such as Skeggs. The instrumentals constantly switch between this tight beat and a more expansive, melodic style, bringing that coming-of-age combination of angst and joy to the table.

Some wonderfully piercing instrumental sections filled with harsh guitar lines flavour the song nicely and inject that intensity that makes their live shows so immersive. In fact, the band are about to arrive in the UK on tour coming to Manchester on September 30th as well as many other dates in London, Brighton, Glasgow and more! Get your tickets here.

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