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Aussie Pop songwriter Paige Valentine returns with new single 'Cloud Dancing'!

Paige Valentine's career has taken her from her bedroom to intimate club shows, to the high energy madness of festival crowds. A five-time WAM Award nominee and Vanda & Young International Song Competition finalist, she has been met with accolades that have encouraged and invigorated her as an artist. After a three-year hiatus since her 2020 singles including the instant hit 'Pure', she has now returned with her new single 'Cloud Dancing'.

The track centers around a really blissful vocal display, beautiful vocal tones and harmonies that have a fantastic melody and power behind them. The verses build tension with a rolling electronic texture and deep piano chords set the scene and act as the calm before the storm. The chorus then swoops in with a huge energy. The instrumental beat is almost like a dance beat, providing a big rhythm that you can lock into. Meanwhile, the vocal layers are soaring and are super catchy!

The effect of only using the backing vocals on certain lines works beautifully as it provides contrast between the vocal sections and really elevates those bigger lines. It's wonderful when the title of a track captures it's energy and this is immensely true here, it feels as if you are soaring up in the sky enjoying melodies up in the clouds. This kind of uplifting energy and vocal led Indie Pop sound is comparable to The Big Moon yet, any fan of pure vocal talent and breezy melodies perfect for carefree summer days will love this track!


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