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Aussie Indie Pop songwriter EDIE releases infectious new single 'Villain'!

Aussie songwriter EDIE has stated that her childhood was soundtracked by the great, from Fleetwood Mac to ABBA. Indeed, her striking vocal palette showcases this blend of high quality influences as she delivers the deep, smooth textures of Fleetwood Mac with just as much ease as she does the bright, catchy melodies of ABBA. Following on from her debut singles, she has returned with her first release of 2024, 'Villain'.

The song has an instantly nostalgic and bittersweet tone to it with elements of both pleasant reminiscence and lamenting present in the early atmosphere. This is wonderfully reflected in the hazy, natural imagery of the artwork. Yet, this artwork also features a handmade crucifix and this darker semantic field also runs throughout the song as the lyrics tell a tale of post-heartbreak frustration and the selfish desire to want your ex to feel the same pain as you.

The blend of grittier guitar tones and melodic vocal lines rings of fellow Aussie's Ruby Fields and Anna Smyrk but the flow of the chorus really makes EDIE stand out on this track. As she kicks this chorus open with the shout of "Now!" you are jolted awake and instantly hooked into the infectious singalong melodies that oozie with poignant emotion.

This is certainly EDIE's most impressive track yet and the finale will have you dancing around your room giving two fingers to anyone who's wronged you! We hope there's more to come from her in 2024.


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