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Atla Falls - INTERVIEW

Retro synth stylists Atla Falls command you attention with their smooth electro melodies. We caught up with them after the release of their single 'Into You' to delve into their music brains.

"Driving through the city in a car which, as closely as possible, resembles the DeLorean DMC from Back to the Future!"

How would you describe your sound and what draws you towards making that kind of music?

"Our sound is a mix of vintage 80s synth, atmospheric guitars, and layered harmonies. There was a series of Roland keyboards back in the 1980s, in particular the Juno-106 and Jupiter-8, which has played a big part in the making of our sound. Part of the initial inspiration for getting into this kind of music was the nostalgic feels from Stranger Things - we happened to be watching it at the same time. It led us to both listen to bands like The Midnight and The Weeknd, and we were really drawn to the synthwave and indietronica vibes".

What is the perfect moment to listen to 'Into You'?

"Driving through the city in a car which, as closely as possible, resembles the DeLorean DMC from Back to the Future!".

Could you tell us more about the concept behind the latest single and especially the almost devil horned artwork on both singles?

"The song 'Into You' is about the coming together of two unlikely misfits from different parts of the world — they are drawn to each other by some other-worldly force. It describes the feeling you get when you start a new relationship, and your entire universe closes in and becomes only about that one person. The artwork shows how two opposites can come together and combine into one".

How would describe the Australian music scene and do you think there are any big differences compared to the UK?

"We are such a new project that we actually haven't been very much involved in the larger industry as of yet. With COVID locking much of Australia down over the past year, we are looking forward to getting out and launching our debut EP and meeting other artists".

Who are your favourite Aussie artists right now?

"We've had Shannen James' single 'Superstitious' on repeat — definitely our favourite Aussie track of the year to date. We also love the direction of Tia Gostelow's 'CHRYSALIS' album".


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