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An interview w/ Indie Pop songwriter Rye Milligan - "Keep listening until the songs become your own"

Indie songwriter Rye Milligan, also known for his work with Luna Bay, has returned to focus on his solo career and is gearing up for his new EP 'i'. The EP showcases the depth and breadth of his songwriting, from the rolling coastal sounds of 'Shiver' to the infectious Indie Pop melodies of 'I Want That Feeling' it is a fantastic four-track offering that covers a range of sonic palettes. We sat down with Rye to discuss his return to his self-titled project.

Q. What has prompted your return to your solo career this year?

A. I think for me it’s just that I absolutely love writing songs and playing live. So I’ll always try and be working on a musical project. A big thing though, was adding my best friend Ceri Bain to the project, to play drums. We have been friends forever so the natural chemistry is something I’d love to showcase on stage. It’ll be so fun and really help take this project to the next level!

Q. How do you feel you have developed as an artists and an individual since your first solo releases back in 2018?

A. Haha, well hopefully my production and songwriting skills have gotten better, but I’ll leave the listener to decide on that. As for an individual, I can feel a positive change in my work ethic. Although I’m balancing a lot more from life in general, I think I’m developing the habits to (hopefully) see some real progress with the music soon.

Q. What are the main lyrical themes in this new EP?

A. There’s a lot of love, lust, some money worries and even manifesting the day a no. 1 record lands in our lap!

Q. Which track on the EP do you feel most satisfied with and why?

A. Great question. For a long time I really struggled with ‘Shiver’. There were so many parts to it’s creation! I had the song mapped out from a performance video I put on instagram. But when it came to the recording I got so stuck. It felt lifeless.

As a cry for help, I sent what I had put together to my producer friend, Cameron McDougall. He was amazing. He listened so intently and added such beautiful soundscapes and subs. After a few more weeks working on the song (now with Cam’s stems added) still, something wasn’t right. The day before I had the song booked in to be mastered, I sent a bounce to my friend Adam Growley. Like a true friend, Adam was honest with me and not afraid to tell me that the vocals weren’t good enough. I cancelled my plans (sorry Emsworth family) and re-recorded the vocals the same day. It all came together right at the last minute, ready to be mastered by Chris Pawlusek. If it wasn’t for all of those different people’s ears on this song, I still wouldn’t be satisfied. Thanks to them, I now feel so proud of it.

Q. When would you say is the perfect moment to listen to your new EP?

A. Right now! And then just keep listening until the songs become your own.

Q. What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

A. Another EP! Or I may just release the next ones as singles. I haven’t fully decided yet. But there’s also going to be a live stream performance of EP “I”, from start to finish, which I’m really excited to begin rehearsals for next month.

Q. Any new artists who you'd recommend?

A. Seeing my friend Mackenzy Mackay blow up recently from releasing consistent, quality songs is insanely inspiring. I’m also really liking this fellow welsh artist called Hana Lili who is on the way to very big things. Then finally I stumbled across this really talented and humble artist called On Planets recently. Definitely listen to all of them!


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