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American Indie songwriter Tom Repetto releases hypnotic, coastal single 'Little Fires'!

Blending the hypnotic, perpetual rhythms of Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever with a more impassioned alternative twist, the new single from American songwriter Tom Repetto provides an ansgty take on warm, coastal Indie.

The rolling drum beat and jangly guitar tones provide this sunny, beachside air that rings of carefree summer breaks with friends. However, the vocals land with a more passionate and thoughtful tone. Leaning ever so slightly into Alternative, Pop Punk and Emo, these vocals have a sharp twang to them that is filled with nostalgic emotion.

This blend between catchy, repeating instrumental rhythms and emotional depth creates a really fulfilling track that showcases Tom's songwriting ability well. Hopefully he's got more to come in 2024.


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