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American Indie Pop songwriter club hearts releases infectious new single 'SaveThesePills!'

club hearts is the brainchild of professional button-pusher and self-appointed ringleader, Barrett Bleeden. His third release 'SaveThesePills!' is an undeniably catchy summer-ready single laced in shimmering synths and a dance-inducing drum groove.

The early stages are especially synth-heavy, using a smooth organ texture to bring a slick feel to the Indie Pop sound. The energy rolls forward, offering a bouncy rhythm that makes you want to move yet it is the melody of the chorus that really lifts this track off.

The chorus is delivered with a relatively understated style at first, never forcing the melody upon you. However, it grows with each chorus, worming its way into your brain and becomes an infectiously memorable sound that won't leave you.

Grittier elements enter the fray later on, adding a bit more variety and edge into the track before diving head first back into the wonderful chorus one last time.

A true summer soundtrack to get stuck in your head!


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