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Alison's Fall set to return with new moody Rock single 'Insane'

If you are after dangerously seductive, gritty Rock and Roll then Dutch outfit Alison's Fall are the ones for you! The brother-sister duo started to make a name for themselves across Europe with their powerful Alt Rock singles and an EP back in 2019. Things have been a bit quiet recently but worry not! The pair are making a return on August 26th with their growling new single 'Insane'.

The beauty of this new track is built off the combined dark charisma of the moody guitar line and vocal performance. Its feels like they never break a sweat but still manage to produce an in-your-face Rock sound that is taking no prisoners. The atmosphere is merky but extremely tempting, particularly in the instrumental breakdown that hits later in the track as a piercing guitar solo cuts through the noise. The song radiates a coolness that you may just envy and a power that is hugely impressive for just two people to produce!


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