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ALBUM REVIEW: The Hubbards - Drip-Fed

At just over half an hour and 9 tracks long, the debut album 'Drip-Fed' from The Hubbards may be relatively short, but it manages to pack in a great range of atmospheres and emotions, showcasing all they have to offer in a short space of time.

The Hull-based Indie Rock outfit exhibit a lot of sounds that ring of American coastal bands, namely the deep, rolling bass-lines and Surf style guitar lines mixed with Grungey melancholia that emerges on occasion.

'Spot Me, I'm Clean' is a great example of this mix of sounds, a track filled with nostalgia, emotion and high-energy instrumentals that create an infectious backdrop for the more contemplative vocals.

The brighter, dreamy flow of guitars on tracks like 'Just Touch' and 'Stale' have a more lucid feel that suits a hazy, summer afternoon.

'Press Hard' is a standout on the album, as its development and sonic progression demonstrates why the album feels so rich and full of interest. The song begins with a military style rolling snare beat and some delicate vocals that cast an air of tranquility. The synths that enter enhance this dreamy, easy-going feeling yet the odd gritty guitar tone enters to disturb the peace and hint at something heavier to come.

The drums pick up as the hi-hat opens and each note becomes delivered with more intention. Meanwhile, these guitar notes become more frequent and build up a slightly abstract, harsh texture that contrasts the crisp vocal melodies beautifully. Towards the end the guitars really take hold with a catchy, soulful riff that brings together all elements of the song in a memorable Indie finale.

This track is typical of the band's ability to play with tone and texture, always keeping you engaged and then offering the a fantastic pay off at the end!


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