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ALBUM REVIEW: Tearing Up - Heavy

From The opening moments of their new record you get the sense that Tearing Up love the play around with the textures of sound, constantly flooding their music with diverting, overlaying walls of distorted guitar and vocal harmonies. Following the intro, opening track ‘Nothing’ opens with an unrelenting storm of heavy Rock stabs creating a tension and nearly pushing you to breaking point before diving into a hypnotic Indie Rock ramble that you would commonly find in tracks from the likes of Dry Cleaning. Atmospherics play a huge part in this record. Swirling psychedelic balls of sound often take on a lucid feel, spinning around you in an engrossing flurry of fuzzy guitars.

However, ‘Said Something’ stands out as their most memorable vocal-led track. It’s Surf guitar lines provide a feel-good tone while it’s perpetual Rolling Blackouts CF esc rhythm makes it the perfect soundtrack for a coming-of-age movie montage. Equally, it lends some inspiration from the more uplifting, Buzzcocks end of UK Punk, not in delivery but in the unrefined but Indi ably infectious vocal chorus and bittersweet feeling that makes you want to dance in the face of adversity. Subsequent track ‘Your Flame’ is equally strong, letting the vocals flow more freely on this one. There less structured form allows for bigger moments of angst as well as the ability to constantly surprise with new melodic interest.

The record covers the more aggressive and Punk influenced side of their influence with tracks like ‘Cancer Of Everything’ and their more Indie Rock leaning vocal centric sounds with songs such as ‘Blindspot’ while leaving time to explore their aforementioned love for sonic textures which can be heard on ‘Moonbeans’ a really captivating record that has so many different reasons why you should listen!


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