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ALBUM REVIEW: TALK - Lord of the Flies and Birds and Bees

Anthemic songwriter TALK loves to make music, with powerful, life-affirming sentiments, believing that everyone should "show love to everyone you meet, because you don’t know what they’re going through or where they’ve come from". These sentiments have never been so powerfully conveyed than on his new album 'Lord of the Flies and Birds and Bees'.

Lead single 'Run Away To mars' is the perfect example of the pure, natural power of his vocals that drum up a raw emotion in the listener. Based off a simple acoustic strum, the track is relatively stripped-back, casting an intimate and vulnerable aura. However, as the track develops and his vocals become deeper and more resonant the chorus lines begin to have a huge impact! The layered backing harmonies add an angelic melody while his lead vocal soars with tremendous soul. A true acoustic anthem.

Another standout on the album 'Wasteland' showcases a completely different side to his arsenal. The vocals lead the charge as always, with his hard-hitting, inescapably powerful and melodic delivery. However, the instrumentals are much more built up than on 'Run Away To Mars'. Here, they create a sharper Indie Rock sound thanks to a wonderfully piercing lead guitar tone. The chorus is an instant earworm and is just as anthemic as ever as powerful vocal layers hammer home the line "Do you want to taste your freedom" in electrifying fashion.

Tracks like 'Afraid Of The Dark' and 'A Little Bit Happy' lean into a more alternative, emo Rock style that is beautifully raw and emotive while songs like 'History' takes things even more dramatic with a dense electronic production elevating every element and the vocals gaining a more raspy, ansgty edge.

Perhaps the only emotion you won't feel on this record is boredom. You can't help but be blown away by the sheer power of this album as everything is done at full intensity, packed with heartfelt sentiments and uplifting, empowering soundscapes!


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