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ALBUM REVIEW: Shaman Shaman - Analog Waste

Spanish Indie Rock outfit Shaman Shaman released their debut album 'Analog Waste' last month and it has been one of our favourite European records of the year! It wastes no time is setting the tone, instantly bursting out of the traps with 'Space Invaders', a track filled with harsh, attack-minded Rock guitar riffs and a thrashing percussive energy that is moshpit worthy! Vocally it is impassioned and expressive, calling out the lines "there is no way out!" with an appropriately frustrated ferocity.

'In My Head' is a highlight on the album, offering some of their more considered, insular and gloomy atmospheres while still driving the lyrical sentiments home with high-intensity. The clever drum rhythm gives the track an unusual swing that sees it bounce this way and that in a dark, swirling soundscape. The vocals turn slightly Psychedelic and Grungy on this one, giving it a fantastic, eery and spaced out quality in moments.

'Horror Vacui' really sees the swagger shine through as they combine the anthemic, rousing style of Kasabian with the sinister aggression of The Blinders. This is probably the truest Rock song on the album and certainly the darkest exploration of sonic expression. The drum roll build up before the chorus will remind you of any one of Jack White's projects with its sharp, energy-inducing tension.

A super fun Rock record filled with darkness and joy!


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