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  • Ben Taylor

ALBUM REVIEW: Pip Blom - Bobbie

Pip Blom stamp their authority down on Indie with third album Bobbie

Ah, the infamous third album. Such an intriguing thing in music as it always tends to be the time where a band proves itself as being here to stay, or as more of a flash in the pan. With this record, Pip Blom have proved that they are here to stay. The Dutch outfit switch to a fresh synth-led sound on this latest project which features collaborations with fellow countrymen Personal Trainer and Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos.

Their earlier work that included tracks such as 'Ruby' and 'Daddy Issues', were extremely guitar-heavy with simple barre chord choruses. At the time, it felt rather refreshing because of the lack of this lo-fi sound around. Plus, Pip’s voice is just wonderful and felt so natural next to the kind of music they were making.

'Bobbie' continues the form of this guitar base but contains a clear adaptation in their sound featuring a lot more synth and a different electronically-structured production.

The first single ‘Tiger’ perhaps surprised fans when it first came out, opening with such a synth-heavy verse but then breaking into this classic guitar sound we have come to know and love so much over the years.

Following that on the album is the song ‘Red’, a song which seems perfectly suited to the FIFA, sorry, EAFC, soundtrack the guitary build, the big chorus and the anthemic vocal lines that have made for so many of the game's classic tracks. Like Kasabian, but less Dark Fruits and more Amstel.

The two collaborations are a great addition to the album as an overall piece. The jarring change to an almost Billie Eillish-sounding ‘Kiss Me By The Candlelight’ with Willem Smit from the aforementioned Personal Trainer and the pop-y Radio 1 ‘Is This Love?’ with Alex Kapranos.

This song features a clear reference to the guitar part from the Marley song ‘Could You Be Loved’ and also some of the most fun lyrics on the album;

"I know you’ll never come back to me,

Even, when you do come back to me"

The quartet are embarking on an in-store tour of the UK this week and make an appearance at the iconic Jacaranda on Thursday 26th October. Their UK tour starts in February and they play Canvas in Manchester on Wednesday 14th February, what better way to spend your Valentine’s Day?


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