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  • Lois Adeshile

ALBUM REVIEW: Otto Aday - Persona

Otto Aday’s debut album ‘Persona’ showcases his musical talent through poetic lyrics accompanied by a combination of mellow and upbeat guitar riffs, transcending us into a world of nostalgia. Otto, also known as Christian Punter, is an independent solo artist from Rhondda Cynon Taf, South Wales. He graduated from the prestigious artist development scheme, Forte Project in 2019. Since graduating Otto has been busy writing and producing new music.

The album consists of 12 songs, each packed full of gentle harmonies and soft melodies. Otto said: “each song on the album is about a moment or a person that left an impression on my life”. In 2022 he relocated to Nashville where he recorded the bulk of his album within the span of a week, working alongside international songwriter, record producer and musician, David Stewart.

'Dancing Around The Sun' is the first song which introduces us to the album. The track uses a melodic electric guitar with a catchy hook that will have you belting your heart out to the chorus, “swear that it will all work out”. There are many layers to this track, but we are ultimately drawn in by the creative undertones of Country strings.

‘Star Crossed Lovers’ is much slower in pace and suitable for those perhaps reminiscing about a long lost romantic interest. It’s the details that draw us in as the listener, “sitting in a car park after dark there was a Cathedral down the way, I was dressed as Charlie Chaplain". These descriptive details allow us to picture a place and a time that was clearly a positive memory for Otto.

In ‘Realign’ Otto showcases his expansive vocal range and through this we feel his raw emotions, “I’ll be yours to call mine” he sings. This track uses gentle guitar chords which compliment Otto’s vocals beautifully.

Persona’ is an album which creates a timeless sound, it encapsulates notes of British Rock n’ Roll and American Country yet combines them both meticulously. Otto is most definitely an artist to keep an eye out for and we look forward to hearing new music from him in the future.


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