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ALBUM REVIEW: Nathaniel Paul - Turpentine

Fresh from creating the award-winning documentary 'State of the Unity', American songwriter Nathaniel Paul is gearing up for the release of his sophomore record 'Turpentine' on March 22nd. Known for his slick, soulful grooves and nostalgic charm, the album encapsulates the rich variety of Nathaniel's songwriting and the artistry that lies within him, evident in his recent success in the film world.

The title track sees him as his most soulful, leading with a crunchy beat to get your hips swaying before a series of velvety guitar tones create creates a swirling tranquil sound that you can get lost in! It has the Blues swagger of The Black Keys and the smooth finesse of Silk Sonic.

'We Can't Keep Running Away' is another highlight, as it highlights the textural range of his guitar work. There are wonderfully dreamy, winding guitar parts that drift throughout the early sections yet punchier, Indie riffs provide memorable melodic flows later in the track.

However, the beauty of Nathaniel Paul's songwriting really shines in the most natural and sentimental songs such as 'Never' and 'The World We're Living In', neighbouring tracks that have a soothing vocal harmony, rolling Folk acoustics and a heartwarming atmosphere full of swelling emotion.

We love the range of this album! Whether its intimate poignancy or groove-laden swagger you're after, this record has it all.


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