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  • Jamie Griffiths

ALBUM REVIEW: Kings Of Leon - Can We Please Have Fun

The undisputed kingpins of indie, Kings of Leon are back with their new album 'Can We Please Have Fun. The Tennessee quartet have garnered worldwide fame since the release of their debut album ‘Youth & Young Manhood’ in 2003. 

In their latest album, there’s no mistaking the genius of Caleb Followill cutting through with his distinctive Lead vocals. Catchy riffs and lyrics flow seamlessly on each track. The guitar and drums, added together with the unique force of Caleb's vocals, makes the band produce the powerhouse songs that they are capable of making.

The first track, ‘Ballerina Radio’ draws you in with the unmistakable brittle textures of Caleb while the wall of sound of bass works well with the tone that the band were going for. The track is stripped back allowing the vocals take centre stage, which on their own carry the melody. Its amazing to see the band grow with the album seeming different yet consistent with their previous albums. 

Other tracks on the album such as ‘Nowhere to run’ provide a groovy upbeat section to the band’s discography, reflected in the rhythmic playing of the drums. They have proven to be diverse, jumping from serenity to bursts of aggression, covering a range of emotions throughout the album.

Overall, the record showcases the band’s classic style whilst also showing that they are developing their own music, blending together the more mellow sounds of their more recent albums and the grittier sound of their early records. A clear defining point of their new album is the rich vocal quality of one of rock’s greats, which seem to have held up throughout their long career. 


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