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ALBUM REVIEW: King Falcon - King Falcon

New York Pop Rock outfit King Falcon released their self-titled debut album last month and its an instant winner, packed full of catchy, Rock and Roll swagger and punchy singalong anthems.

The double barrel attack of opening tracks 'Everybody's Down' and 'Ready Set Go' that perfectly set the tone for the album. The first of which opens the record with a hard-hitting, growling guitar riff and grumbling bass line both oozing with confidence and flair. The vocals are sharp and radiate a similar confident attitude, blending retro Rock tones and a modern edge.

It then leaps into an infectious chorus with fantatcially produced vocal layers that are powerful yet smooth and refiend to offer a really catchy melody among the gritty Rock atmosphere. With lyrics about judgement and feeling confined, the song is anything but. It has a wonderfully fun, free-spirted energy that will make you want to dance with the elecrifying guitar solos add a vibrant flavour that rings of The Hives, The Dandy Worhols and Jet.

Following track 'Ready Set Go' is just as fun, perhaps with a little bit more of a dark and grimey energy. The vocal 'woahs' beg to be sang band while the riff and crunchy instrumentation of the chorus is bursting with so much powerful energy that you can't help but be sucked in!

The rest of the album continues in the same vain, offering plenty of catchys singalongs and moshworthy moments of instrumental high-intensity. This is Pop Rock at its finest; high-octane joy that you can't not love.

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