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ALBUM REVIEW: Izzie Derry - Til We Reach The Sun

The debut album from songwriter Izzie Derry rings with a pure and powerful emotion from start to finish, covering a wide range of emotive lyrical sentiments, exploring a range of feelings with a silky sonic finesse.

Known for the captivating tone and heartfelt delivery of her vocals, Izzie has gained praise from across the country including from BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music. This debut record pulls together all the best elements of her songwriting and performance into one 10-track showcase of what she has to offer.

Opening track 'Try' is the perfect way to open proceedings, beginning with a very stripped back sound that allows the delicate range and vulnerability of Izzie's voice to shine through, combining the lighter qualities of Taylor Skye with the warm Folk sounds of Laura Marling. Punchy instrumental stabs line up with her firm vocal shouts of "I try and I try.." inject an angsty energy that hints at the power she has up her sleeve before culminating in a really full finale full of cinematic strings, rich piano lines and soaring vocal crescendos that are a stark contrast from the opening moments. This track demonstrates both ends of her sonic spectrum as well as her wonderful ability to sail through a range of different emotions with the space of one track, a common theme on the album.

Songs like 'Broken and Used' and 'I Don't Know Why' follow a similar theme, showcasing more gentle moments of raw vulnerability as well as full, wholesome sections packed with rich Folk instrumentation that evokes poignant feelings of heartbreak but lament also empowerment and healing.

'Nothing Lasts Forever' is one of the more intimate songs on the record and really highlights her vocal and emotive power. The tones on this are earthy and organic, bringing a cosy feel to the song. Yet, the lyrics ooze with sadness and longing. This creates an intriguing and impactful feeling of being sad that you can't experience those feelings of love forever but with an underlying happiness that you got to experience them at all.

There's so many emotional moments on this record that will find you completely immersed in the smooth, wholesome atmospheres of Izzie's songwriting. Vocal command, fantastically rich arrangements and lyrical poignancy are all in abundance and offer a fantastic debut.


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