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Atmospheric Indie Rock may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Scandi music scene, yet the hypnotic melodies of Swedish outfit Agent Blå’s lead single ‘Discount’ caught our attention last year thanks to its overwhelmingly poignant and memorable vocal calls and bold synth lines.

Now, the band have released the full album ‘STAB!’ which features that track among many other songs which combine elements of Alternative, Post Punk, Synth Pop and Shoegaze to create an immersive record filled with expressive instrumentals, tension filled soundscapes and insular vocal considerations.

The shimmering intro filled with emotive piano and sparkling Dream Pop electro chimes bursts into life as track two ‘Ebb and Flow’ kicks off, bringing an anthemic energy to the start of the album. The resonant vocal performance combines with the rich piano to make a really meaningful and heartfelt sound.

This drama and deeper meaning continues on songs like ‘Mind Mapping’ and 'The Fascination of Self-Sabotage' which build up a moody, Psychedelic Rock atmosphere. The bass lines are deep and rumbling while the guitar tones have a cool confidence, wrapping around you with a lucid flow and ear worming melody while their trademark synths add that glossy finish in the backdrop once again.

It has to be said that a key feature that allows their music to blend so beautifully between the moody, insular, hypnotic grooves and the brighter, cinematic sounds is the vocal versatility that seamlessly drifts between deep resonance and soaring expression.

One of our favourite new Scani releases this year for sure!


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