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Acclaimed songwriting newcomer SOMOH releases cathartic Indie anthem 'Favourite'!

From the very first moments of the new SOMOH (aka Sophia Mohan) single 'Favourite' you feel wrapped up in a cosy, gentle melody that is beautifully soothing. The tone of the slick drum shuffle is soft and padded while the vocal style is wonderfully smooth and caresses the catchy melodies with a lo-fi finesse. The flow of these drums and vocals wrap around each other, tangling in a fantastically hypnotic style.

Then, the chorus really explodes into life. A grittier guitar tune injects an angst and grit into the sound while the line "I could be your favourite" glides across the surface of the sonic landscape. This blend of soothing tones and gritty energy is perfectly balanced and serves to demonstrate the passion of the speaker's romantic sentiments.

Whether you've been together with someone for years or you've got a crush who you haven't yet confessed to, this is the perfect track to sing in your bedroom while thinking of that special someone.


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