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Acclaimed Indie-Folk songwriter Garrett Kato releases adventurous new EP 'Nighthawks'!

Known for the heartwarming, introspective sentiments of his music, Indie-Folk songwriter Garrett Kato has continued to develop and push himself musically over the 5 years he has been releasing music in this project. His new EP ‘Nighthawks’ is another testament to his desire to grow as an artist. The production is bigger, more adventurous, experimental at times and embraces a new chapter of his songwriting trajectory.

Opening track ‘Slow Motion’ opens with a stripped acoustic strum and Garrett’s trademark smooth vocal tones. It is a familiar sound that reminds anyone who had forgotten about his captivating vocal talents before opening up and becoming more expansive to hint at what is to come in the rest of the EP. The later stages of the track are joyous and built around a pulsating rhythm that makes you want to move. Perfect for a fire-side singalong the song has an appealingly warm and earthy quality to it that makes you feel cosy and uplifted, a brilliant way to kick things off.

The rest of the EP sees Garrett dip his toe into some more unfamiliar territories, exploring Pop, Lo-Fi and some more vintage sounds throughout. ‘Losing Touch’ is a beautifully emotive ballad that highlights his ability to convey such strong emotions while ‘Changing’ offers a wonderful new side to his music with its super slick, funky beat providing a more modern groove to accompany his heartfelt vocals.

‘Dumb’ is a standout on the EP thanks to the more built up instrumentation that leans more into the Indie Pop textbook. The tones are still organic and smooth but are bolstered by some lovely guitar lines and a swinging drum rhythm that brings more energy to the track. His collaboration with acclaimed vocalist Elina provides a lovely additional point of interest that sees their vocals play off each other with a serene, soothing effect.

The EP then closes with ‘Nowhere’, a track that is perhaps Garrett’s most adventurous musically. An earworming Indie Pop melody is backed by electronic subtleties and soulful guitar lines that swirl around you in a truly immersive soundscape. This is one of his most catchy tracks to date and the spaced out outro showcases his continuous ability to experiment with new sounds. We hope that some of these new sounds may feature more heavily in his upcoming music!


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