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Abby Jeane - Stop and Listen

As much as we all crave that one song that comes along and sounds nothing like we’ve heard before, it can be just as satisfying to see a young artist absolutely nail a retro aesthetic. When listening to the swagger filled retro sounds of American songwriter Abby Jeane you can’t help but be transported back in time.

Her authentic yet fully original brand of garage-rock is refreshing amongst the increasingly over-produced and electro influenced tracks of today. The energy is infectious and places you straight back into a 60's diner dance contest, eager to win! Her latest release sees her take on the ancestors of her sound and cover the Jefferson Airplane classic 'Somebody To Love'. This follows on from her original single from earlier in 2020 'Stop and Listen' which sits alongside 60's rock hits with ease whilst still emanating a well made modern sound.

The track takes you on a psychedelic escapade filled with jiving rock n roll riffs and drenched in that fuzzy garage rock tone that you can't really go wrong with. However, it isn't just a song that connects through nostalgia. Bolstered by her punchy yet smooth vocals, the single holds its own and offers its distinct character. Of course, there is one thing that tops off a garage-rock banger...a let lose guitar solo. Well don't worry! 'Stop and Listen' delivers and leaves the layered guitars ringing in your ears just waiting for you to play the track once more.



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